Water is the lifeblood of the earth

The ocean CiRculates Heat + moisture

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Woman Cleaning Up the Beach

tons of litter cleared in coastal cleanups




children and teens engaged through online environmental education programs


volunteers in 75 countries

unbalanced = extreme weather, acidic waters, + coastal erosion

Climate Change Protest
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As the climate changes, so must we.

Create the future you want to see!

Be the

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tennis for change

Organizing community initiatives that bring awareness to actions impacting our oceans

reduce emissions

We push for people worldwide to protect biodiversity and reduce their carbon footprint.

becoming champions

We share reports, fact sheets, and videos to ensure our waters teem with life.

more reusables

sustainable seafood

energy efficiency

Green Check Mark
Green Check Mark
Green Check Mark

Our smallest acts create a ripple of change. Everything we do is a step towards preserving or destroying the only home we've ever known. We can't delay any longer - from here on out, every action must be made with intention.

If nothing changes, global temperatures will rise to +2.7c

by the end of the century.


We see it everywhere. We're all waking up and realizing it's not too late. Humanity can still save the earth - and create a future for our children, and their children.

Jelly Fish Tank

We must learn to Live in harmony with the planet.

Act today for a better tomorrow - for the generations to come.

Spark Change


making a

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Camari Knox has been dedicated to bringing sustainability to laboratory spaces. Her contributions to the team have brought platinum-level certification in the Race to Zero Climate Campaign program recognized by the United Nations. Read all about her mission to a more carbon-neutral planet.

Our Founder is the University of Hawaii - Hilo ‘Vulcan of the Week’. Camari is taking over the Admissions page stories on 10/31/2023. Check out what her day as a Sophomore in Marine Science looks like and ask any questions you have in relation to it. Visit their page below.

Reuse and Recycle

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Take only what you need.

Use what you already have.

Share what you can + donate your excess.

Take step to reduce the carbon footprint.

We are custodians, not consumers. Individual acts matter, but true change must be a collective effort.

Ocean Champions. Acting together to make the planet better.

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Become an Ocean Champion

Dedicated to educating communities on ways to heal our oceans + marine life



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