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Start with a passion for planet Earth



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There's no better time to get back on track;

What we do today will make an impact.

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As the climate changes, so must we.

Create the future you want to see!

The planet is heading towards an average global temperature increase of +2.0c in our children's lifetime.

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There's no other planet to rent or borrow.

Let's work today to ensure our tomorrow!

If nothing changes, global temperatures will rise to +2.7c by the end of the century.

Our smallest acts create a ripple of change. Everything we do is a step towards preserving or destroying the only home we've ever known. We can't delay any longer - from here on out, every action must be made with intention.

But it's not all dire.

There is hope, so much of it.

We see it everywhere, in acts both local and global, individual and collective. We're all waking up and realizing it's not too late. It's still within our power to create a future for our children, and their children. Humanity can still save the earth - and ourselves.

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We use biodegradable paper tubes rather than porous plastic because it's better for you, better for the planet, and repurposeful after use.

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Our tea estates are non-GMO and grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, for a healthy you and a healthy planet.

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We started our business with a commitment to organically grown ingredients with ethical and sustainable farming practices.

We must learn to Live in harmony with the planet.

Act today for a better tomorrow - for us, our children, and the generations yet to come.





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Reuse and Recycle

Buy carbon offsets for

unavoidable emissions. For example, when you travel by plane.

We are custodians, not consumers. Individual acts matter, but true change must be a collective effort.

By acting together to make the planet better.

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Take only what you need. Use what you already have. Share what you can, and donate your excess. Take every possible step to reduce your carbon footprint.

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The earth is Worth it

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The earth is Worth it

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